Mix and match – when you buy a new piece of furniture or want to reupholster existing furniture.

We know that the choice of fabric is a big part of a furniture designer’s vision for the unique character of piece of furniture. We also know the care that underlies the choice of qualities, textures, colors and patterns. It is a job that only strengthens our original thesis; that fabric is design. So whether you, as a customer, want to follow the designer’s original thought, or create your own expression with choice of fabric – we have an extensive assortment of fabric to choose from.

The variations and combinations of quality fabrics are endless. If you have your own vision of how a piece of furniture would look in any other fabric – contact one of our expert dealers or visit our concept store. We not only have the knowledge and experience needed, we are just like you – a heart that beats for sustainable design that can be loved for a long time.