Archetto is a smaller sibling to the Arch series. A wall mounted shelf that offers a generous surface for your most precious items. Archetto was born when three arches were put together, where one arch crossed two meeting horizontal arches and created a tray surface.

Koster blankets in lifestyle image


The Koster blankets are christened after a rainy island on Sweden’s west coast. Its colourways take tones from those moments when the sun breaks its way through sheets of rain; with that intense, deep colour that the sea takes on crossing each rug horizontally. Drops of rain spatter decoratively over the top of the rugs; […]

Land Valley, lifestyle image


Land began as an exploration of colour; to find compositions that are dynamic yet discreet. Note began referencing initial colour scales found in beautiful natural images but then found its thoughts diverted by the composition of the colour combinations themselves. The results are like a slice of ‘mini architecture’, where each rug looks like it’s […]

Group of Luft Vases


Designed by Luca Nichetto LUFT is a range of vases created by Luca Nichetto, hand blown in Murano, Italy, where the designer himself comes from. Here, Fogia’s craftsmanship is intertwined with the designer’s own roots. The name LUFT is taken from one of the elements – air – providing inspiration for the shapes of the […]

Print rugs designed by Luca Nichetto


Designed by Luca Nichetto — 2018 We’re fans of rugs at Fogia. We love designing them as much as we love making them. They’re just versatile and one of those pieces of home decor that serves multiple purposes. For 2018 we asked Luca Nichetto to create some rugs with us, which he calls print rugs. […]

Group of Rest Cushions


The Rest cushions are made with soft textural fabrics and colours ranging from playful accents to pared back neutrals. Each cushion has a textured face and a flatter, more discreet side for more variation. With multiple sizes and shapes to select from, Rest places creative control in your own hands as you inform and expand […]


Ribbon is a range of rugs designed by Andreas Engesvik for Fogia. The design draws on classic Scandinavian rugs but with colour combinations that bring them bang up to date. With heavy focus on weaving quality and materiality, each rug is hand-knotted and tufted, making each piece unique. The repeat conforms to an algorithm that […]

Ropemaker in grey


The Ropemaker Rug collection complements Fogia’s existing rug range with vibrant monochrome rugs that exude energy and interest thanks to the materials and technology used. As the name suggests, Ropemaker is inspired by classic rope making. Rope and cords are interestingly twisted and wound given the variation in the colour, material and thickness of the […]

Collection of Upp ceramics by Note


Upp by Note is another Fogia piece that falls between genres. Like Andreas Engesvik’s Bowl before it, Upp could be a pedestal, stand, or tray but it’s also equally happy being used decoratively when combined in numbers. It’s the first time Note has collaborated on a ceramic as well, marking new territory for the designers. […]

Upp (glossy)

Note design studio evolve Fogia’s quiet success, Upp with new glossy colours black, white, beige and red/brown. Explore scale and vertical height; using Upp as decorative pedestals, plates, display devices… And now combine gloss and matt versions for even greater styling options.

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