Designed by Note, Arch is a sturdy, geometric shelving unit created using a few simple shapes. Combine elements and colours for a striking aesthetic.


Archetto is a smaller sibling to the Arch series. A wall mounted shelf that offers a generous surface for your most precious items. Archetto works great in a group to cover a whole wall or as a single. The Archetto was born when three arches were put together, where one arch crossed two meeting horizontal […]

Close up of Bond shelving unit.


Bond answers the increasing demand for storage solutions which fit open-plan living and working, giving the user a flexible, durable and beautiful system which can be assembled in seconds without tools. The user is free to climb Bond over obstacles in its way, or work around existing interior architecture with ease.

Bowl large and small


Bowl is an aesthetically strong storage unit to keep your everyday items close to hand. A true piece of multi-functional furniture, items placed within take on a new aesthetic meaning, whether you choose to be creative with your selection of items or a little more haphazard.

Combiplex (table)

Fogia’s original name was Combiplex, for a very simple reason. The two founders had a vision of creating a table that combined glass and acrylic. Together, they managed to develop a way to join sections of Plexiglas and the result was stylish transparent tables and side shelves. Fogia’s name still references the Swedish word for […]

Hawu side tables in black by Diiis


Designed by Diiis — 2018 Sharing the same construction techniques as Diiis’ Gito side table, Hawu is a quietly innovative piece. With its integrated trivets and bookends, which act as part of the shelf’s fixing system, it’s a piece that draws the eye. Both Hawu and Gito can be dismantled for easy transportation, and their […]

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