About Fogia

We create furniture that lasts. And is loved for a long time.

In collaboration with carefully selected Scandinavian designers, for the last thirty years we have created well thought-out furniture for private homes and public spaces around the world. Working with renowned interior designers and architects, we deliver furniture and customized solutions for hotels, offices, schools, conference centers and restaurants. Always with the same unique attention to detail.

Our furniture can be found in a large number of retail furniture stores around Sweden and Europe. If you would like to experience our brand in its entirety, you should visit our concept store at Finnboda Varv in Stockholm, Sweden. Here our vision comes to life; to create stylish furniture and rooms – that will be loved and appreciated for a long time.


Quality. Feeling. Good craftsmanship. Designing and manufacturing furniture that lasts a long time is an art that requires time, patience and passion. Along with outstanding craftsmanship and material knowledge. Choosing the best and most durable material. Careful stitching and upholstery. Handmade furniture shows its true face decades later. Created by skilled designers, for people that appreciate it.


Our furniture is individually manufactured by hand at our own factory in Gdansk, Poland, at a pace that ensures accuracy. We select our wood while it still grows in the forest. We harvest oak, birch, ash and beech of the best quality; knot-free and with few color changes. We use natural materials like goose down, jute, flax and cotton. Materials that give furniture from Fogia long life and comfort that endures year after year.

Our history

How it all began

Fogia was founded under the name Combiplex. The two founders had a vision of creating a table made of glass and acrylic. Together, they managed to develop a method of joining sheets of Plexiglas that resulted in classy looking transparent tables and side shelves.  As the business grew, the company began producing furniture in other materials and changed the name from Combiplex to Fogia.

Increased demand

Initially, there were many interior design projects for public areas. With an increased demand from private consumers, Fogia’s furniture soon rolled out to the big furniture stores around the country. When the remaining of the two founders, Hans Rosander, wanted to retire, it was deemed important to maintain the reliable quality, fine production values and the good dealer network.

New ideas

The chance to make an innovative update was taken by Marcus Huber, who still runs the company today. There was no ready recipe for how it would be done, but with great ideas, great drive and a willingness to make changes, Fogia’s journey ahead began – with exciting collaborations, and with the same fine tradition of craftsmanship.

2014 and onwards

Over the past year we have created several new partnerships with carefully selected designers including, Andreas Engesvik, Stefan Borselius and Note Design Studio. It is through these partnerships that Fogia’s updated collection has emanated from.
– To work as a designer for Fogia is to belong to a family where everyone is pulling in the same direction and where everyone thinks about the words form and function in the same way.