Quality & Sustainability

From the drawing board to delivery

From the drawing board to delivery, sustainability is of high importance to us. We produce furniture that can live and be loved for a long time, both in terms of quality and of design. Furniture with a long lifetime is the best choice for our environment. Our goal is to make it easier for you to make an environmentally conscious choice. All our furniture is manufactured in our own factory, which means that we control the entire production process, from the product conception to customer delivery. We select manufacturing methods with care, and we always produce products from high quality materials, which are recyclable to the highest extent.

We continuously work with environmental measures at all levels within the company. Everything we do is guided by an environmental awareness. Our goals include the minimizing our consumption of raw materials, transport and energy. For us, a responsible corporation means that we act from a holistic perspective and that we give priority to sustainability, quality and the environment in our choices and decisions. It includes a long-term and ambitious approach to how we conduct our business, in terms of quality, social care, good business ethics and environmental awareness.

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