Bo Westerdahl

Well-made furniture with a quality and balance that people can live their lives with. Today, that is a contribution to the needs of our modern world for sustainability of both the internal as well as external environment.

Bo Westerdahl comes from a family that for generations has been involved in furniture manufacture and design. Bo got his sense of style, form and quality from time spent at Carl Malmsten’s Workshop School and CMAB Architects, as well as studying at the design school in Prague. Bo Westerdahl has worked with both product development and marketing in Sweden and abroad.

– When I started thinking about creating a storage cabinet for Fogia, I wanted to do a series that was simple, uncluttered and that would fit with Fogia’s other collections. I wanted to bring out the simplicity in a new, stricter way, with high quality, simple shapes and selected details for our times.

Bo Westerdahl’s professional career has been characterized by the accuracy of the initial design phase, and his sensitivity to the choice and combination of materials. He also takes an interest in all stages of the manufacturing process and at the retail level.

Furniture designed by Bo Westerdahl

Designer: Bo Westerdahl