Marie Lundgren-Carlgren

– Design, for me, is a meeting between materials, colors and shapes that together create a harmonious impression.

Marie Lundgren-Carlgren is basically a graphic designer and has partially switched over to working as a designer. She studied at Berghs School of Communication and The Department of Advertising and PR in Stockholm, Sweden. Her most well-known product is Eldflugan (“Firefly”), a lamp that she created in 1997 and that has since sold over 9,000 in Sweden and is still very popular.

When Marie, along with Katrin Kahl created the product Piggelin for Fogia the motto was  “maximum utility with minimum space”. The idea of Piggelin is to be able to place “on-going” things accessibly and neatly. Marie feels that furniture, first and foremost, must be functional, but just like in graphic design, it’s also about design and proportions.

– Sometimes the design is expressed loudly and sometimes as a whisper, but always in harmony.

Furniture designed by Marie Lundgren-Carlgren

Private: Piggelin
Designer: Marie Lundgren-Carlgren