Archetto is a smaller sibling to the Arch series. A wall mounted shelf that offers a generous surface for your most precious items. Archetto works great in a group to cover a whole wall or as a single. The Archetto was born when three arches were put together, where one arch crossed two meeting horizontal arches and created a tray surface. Suddenly everything just fell into place and the little Archetto founds it’s place in the world. The shape owns it’s place as the ”parents” in the Arch series.

Sometimes a design process can be hard and draining, but with Archetto we put a lot of emphazis to keep the process positive, generous and fun. Then everything fell into place.
Suddenly everybody wanted to place their stuff on the little Archetto mock-up and we all had a million ideas of how to use it. Is it a flower shelf or a bedside table?

Who knows?

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Designer: Note Design Studio