Tondo or Not Tondo…

Tondo by Stefan Borselius, is a workhorse of a sofa system, a versatile tool relied on by interior architects to be comfortable yet robust. However, place it in the context of a modern home or apartment and its design flair begins to shine through. In short, it’s another piece of Fogia crossover furniture that blends our hallmarks of comfort, durability and quality into one harmonious package.

In the field, and the first thing that hits you is the compact footprint of the system, stripped of bulbous padding where it’s not needed to help it squeeze into places other sofa systems would literally have to be hard-pressed to fit. Its visible frame can be specified in wood or metal, and additional modules like corner seats, back-less segments, plus tables and work surfaces can be added as required.

Tondo three seater



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All done. Nice work.